Vibrational Medicine Healing

Energy Healing for Animals and People

Vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine is a healing system that uses the ancient art of dowsing to identify the cause of a disease (or dis-harmony in the body). This therapy is a meeting of eastern and western forms of healing since we often use a western understanding of the body and how it functions and combine this with the eastern practice of rebalancing energies within the body to bring about healing. Sometimes the actual cause of a disease can appear to be far removed from the apparent symptoms when taking the western viewpoint. However everything is connected and especially so within the body. The body is always striving to heal itself but sometimes it can get 'blocked'. These 'blocks' can be caused by many things including biochemicals, toxins, emotions, viruses, parasites or bacteria. The aim of vibrational medicine is to identify the root cause of a problem or 'block' and to clear these 'blocks' to allow the body to function correctly.



How does it work?


When one considers that everything is made up of energy, a sound, a rock, a leaf, a cell and the body are all just energy when examined at the smallest level. Vibrational medicine works by rebalancing the minute vibrational frequencies that make up the energy field within the atoms, then molecules, which combine to form cells and organs and systems within the body.



A block or a disharmony within the body can be thought of as being like an orchestra with an instrument that is not tuned correctly. The remedies applied are then 're-tuning' the body's energy so that the body (the orchestra) plays a more harmonious tune again.




Vibrational medicine works with waves (vibrations at different frequencies) like those described by physics or like ripples on the water but at a much smaller level, known as the quantum level.