Vibrational Medicine Healing

Energy Healing for Animals and People


"Thank you ever so much for the vibrational treatment, I am truly amazed! Not only has the pain gone, I feel my whole body is more relaxed and at ease. I did not realise the aches and pains I put down to old age were related to my knee and could be made better. When I think of the hours I have spent/wasted at the physio and swallowing the opiate drugs prescribed by my doctor, which only took the edge of the pain, when all the time there was a treatment available which has no side effects and is much, much more effective.

I for one will be highly recommending your services to my friends"

K. A.




"After six years of anti-depressants and counselling dulling things down for me, I feel I have finally found the answer i've been searching for!

To be honest, I was slightly sceptical at first but I was so fed up with taking tablets every day and the Dr increasing the dose whenever I had a 'wobble', I was willing to try anything.

I wish I had done it sooner!!

The anxiety/panic attacks have stopped and I am more confident and happy in general every day, I am enjoying spending time with my wee boy and my husband has also noticed a difference, it is like someone has given me my life back, all thanks to you!

What was extra reassuring was having you on hand via email to 'update' you on how things were going, your support throughout the process was very much appreciated, especially during my wobbly moments. As I said, I wish I had done it sooner and will encourage others to try out your services. It seems to me to be a much more long lasting alternative to drugs - which come with awful side effects."

Mrs A




"My daughter, after a bad experience with a previous pony, was doing well with her new pony at home but whenever she went anywhere, nerves took over and it effected her pony too. Things didn't go well! Her confidence was so low and I was at a loss. I had met Sue previously and decided to give Vibrational Therapy a try although slightly sceptical! A hair sample was taken which was treated

many miles away! Since the treatment her confidence continues to grow!!"