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Frequently Asked Questions


How does distance healing work?

As yet there is no definitive answer to this question as 'everyday' science can not yet measure such small frequencies of energy (although quantum physics is working in this area). What we do know is that distance is not a barrier to the transmission of conscious thought. For example twins separated by thousands of miles seem to know if there is a problem with their other sibling instantly. I believe that it is along similar principles that distance healing works.


Can vibrational medicine help to cure headaches?

Yes, headaches can be the side effect of a disharmony within the body either at a physical level or at an energetic level, e.g. within a meridian.

Have you ever eaten cold ice cream then had a stabbing feeling in your forehead? Well that is because the end of your stomach meridian is in your forehead and the sudden shock of cold food in your stomach is then felt at the end of the stomach meridan as a pain in your forehead.



What are the remedies made of?

The remedies used are energetic frequencies stored in tablets, alcohol or oils and are made from a range of sources such as plants, crystals and minerals, in a similar manner to homeopathic remedies.


Can it help with behavioural problems?

Yes. But of course it does depend upon the cause of the behavioural problem. For example with horses if the cause is due to poor fitting tack causing the horse pain then vibrational medicine can help the horse to overcome the memory and emotional trauma of having to endure the pain, it can even help to heal any physical issues suffered. However unless the tack is replaced with correctly fitting tack that is comfortable for the horse to wear then behaviour problems can not be overcome, they are only likely to become worse!


Vibrational medicine can be used as a diagnosis tool and can be very helpful in cases where the cause of behavioural problems are not known and as such a cure, treatment path, or corrective training plan can not be effectively implemented.


Is a distance healing as effective as a treatment ' in person' ?

Yes, as vibrational medicine works at the quantum level of energy - this means that distance is of no consequence. In fact it can be even more effective in some cases where a remedy needs to be applied for several hours or days as it can be continuously 'transmitted' to the patient over the required time period.


Will I feel better straight away?


It all depends upon the condition you are suffering from, some imbalances can correct very quickly, even in a matter of seconds, while others may take longer for the body to rebalance itself.


How do I book a treatment?

Go to the treatment page for more information about booking a treatment or download the treatment request forms here.


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