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Vibrational Medicine Healing

Energy Healing for Animals and People

Vibrational medicine


So Vibrational Medicine is working at the quantum level using different frequencies of vibrations to rebalance the body.


Treatments can be carried out by applying the remedy onto the patient at strategic points on meridian lines in order to allow the body to absorb the remedy.



Alternatively the treatments can be carried out at a distance using a hair sample. In the same way that radio waves are transmitted around the world so the healing frequencies can be transmitted to the patient using their hair as a focus for the transmission. The hair sample, which is often refered to as the witness, also allows the practitioner to diagnose the cause of a particular problem and then to select an appropriate remedy (or, as is often the case, several remedies).


I know that some people find it difficult to understand how a treatment administered in this way can be as effective as placing the remedy directly onto the patient, but it is just as effective!


The problem is that science has not yet developed a means of measuring the minute frequencies that are being transmitted, although there is progress towards providing some explanations as to how these energies work. For example work by Starn (1998), Syldona & Rein (1999) and Creath & Schwartz (2004) has gone some way towards explaining and measuring such energies.


What are the remedies made of?


The remedies used are energetic frequencies stored in tablets, alcohol or oils and are made from a range of sources such as plants, crystals and minerals, in a similar manner to homeopathic remedies.


Many of the remedies have been sourced from countries throughout the world for their unique healing properties.



What diseases can it be used to treat?


Animals as well as people can treated for a wide range of disorders, for example skin problems, digestive complaints, emotional or behavioural problems. Species-specific conditions can also be treated as well, such as laminitis in horses. Because vibrational medicine can work on many levels within the body (for instance it can work on the aura and chakras, the cellular level or it can work on particular cells, organs or systems within the body) it can therefore be used to treat any condition that affects the mind or body of a person or animal.


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