Vibrational Medicine Healing

Energy Healing for Animals and People

Booking a treatment



If you would like a treatment for yourself or for your animal please download a treatment request form.


I treat most of my patients from a distance as I am located in a remote part of Scotland; however this does not affect the success of such treatments.


Human treatment request form

Animal treatment request form


All you need to do to book a treatment is to download the treatment request form and fill it in with the medical history and describe the symtoms that you want treated. Then take a small hair sample from the animal or person (feather in the case of birds and wool in the case of sheep) and pop it in an envelope. Post the form, hair sample and payment to me (my address is on the treatment request forms) and I will begin treating by first dowsing to identify the priority symptom for treatment, identify the cause of the problem and select appropriate remedies which will then be transmitted to the patient using their hair sample and special crystals to 'send' the treament.


A treatment package costs £30

The aim of each treatment is to treat the root cause of a particular symptom. This may take one treatment session or a few, often spaced out over several days.


Where more than one symptom is indicated they are sometimes connected and as one problem is treated other symptoms can sometimes heal without the need for specific treatment for that symptom.


Please note you are not charged for each treatment but for the block of treatment sessions up to 3 weeks. Should the problem require further treatments then another treatment package will need to be paid for.


****** Please note my address to send the hair sample to is on the treatment request forms ****